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Requirements: Jedi Academy
Website: N/A
Download: Jedi Fighter (05-16-2005)
Completed: 75%

Jedi Fighter is a multiplayer 2D fighting game based in the Star Wars universe.

I've always been a huge fighting game fan, so I created my own fighting game by mixing elements from Neo Geo games (Last Blade, Last Blade II), and Capcom fighting games (Street Fighter II). 


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Click here to download a gameplay video showing off one round of fighting.  It is 6.44mb and requires the WMP9 codec to be installed in order to play it.

  • Combo system:
Like other fighting games, Jedi Fighter has an input combo system.  By connecting a gamepad to your PC and setting the attack and movement buttons, you can experience a true fighting game on your computer.  You could also be a stick in the mud and use your keyboard.

Unlike other online games, Jedi Fighter has a fairly cheat-proof input handling system.  That pretty much means that you can't set up script files that would execute an entire move by pressing one button.
  • Scripted fighters:
The characters, or fighters, in Jedi Fighter are defined in .fighter files, which are plain text files.  This allowed me to create the groundwork for all of the characters by hardcoding their possible attacks, yet still gave me the flexibility to change the combos that would execute each attack without having to recompile any code.
      An added benefit to this is that it would be possible to create your own set of fighters to run on your own server at a lan or online.  However, the clients would all require copies of the same .fighter files for the game to function correctly.

  • Light sabers
LIGHT SABERS! I mean, come on!
ARGG for Half-Life 2